Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Norfolk to Bermuda Training Cruise, May 26-June 2, 2014

CELESTIAL, our IP 440 will depart Vinings Landing Marina on Wednesday May 28, 2014 after two preparation days. The crew members are: Captain Tom Tursi (Pennsylvania), First Mate George "Nordie" Norwood  (Florida), and student crew members Les Holden (North Carolina), Jake Jacobson (Virginia), Larry Elliott (Pennsylvania) and Jack McDonald (Maryland). CELESTIAL will make the passage to Bermuda via a non-stop ocean route. The cruise has an estimated distance of 650 miles, and will take approximately 6 days, sailing both day and night.  We will discuss the route, weather and actual progress here on our blog as it happens, so please join us! To follow the discussion, see the comments to this blog post. To follow their actual progress on Google Earth, click HERE.


Rita Hanson said...

S/V CELESTIAL and crew departed Vinings Landing Marina at 0900 today, Wednesday May 28, 2014. All is well and the crew is prepared and excited for their passage. They will be doing MOB drills this morning, not far offshore.

Anonymous said...

Bon Voyage S/V Celestial . . .
Don't forget those two very important words . . . "clip in"!!
Cheers ;-) Nancy J.

Rita Hanson said...

I spoke with Captain Tursi by cell phone at 1345 today. They were positioned off of Virginia Beach and still within cellular range. Captain Tursi reports that it is hot, a bit humid and sunny. The crew had spent the morning doing 4 or 5 MOB drills before turning and heading down Thimble Shoal Channel.

The crew will rotate through four positions of responsibility. Today's assignments were:

Captain: Jake
First Mate: Les
Navigator: Larry
Weather: Jack

At noon each day they will rotate up the through the crew positions (so tomorrow Les will be Captain, Larry First Mate, etc).

The crew was excited to use the radar with RACON today. They had a ship crossing and after communicating with the ship passed port to port.

A professional weather communicator with be sending daily messages to CELESTIAL via satellite e-mail.

That's all for now! I'll be posting positions on the google map daily and posting communications from the crew, whether short or detailed, as they are received.


Rita Hanson said...

From: Capt Tom Tursi aboard S/V CELESTIAL
Subject: Situation Report
Date: May 28, 2014 6:45:43 PM EDT
To: MD School

1820 EDT Wed 5/28
COG 141M
SOG 5.4
Wind 5 kt from 150M
Underway at 0920 from Little Creek. Conducted MOB recovery drills until 1130 then turned E and passed through CBay bridge tunnel; curent fair. C'Henry and MoA CH buoy at 1310. Motorsailed a little then struck sails and motoring dead to wind. Lunch sandwiches and fruit; various gentle beverages. Established DR logbook procedures and DR potting. Dinner at 1700 of Dinty Moore (one pot you know) rolls, cookies and drinks. Four crewmen now napping in prep for night watches
Wx now clear and humid; some distant T-storms and lightening along coast.

Received your replies to my earlier test message; thanks


Rita Hanson said...

Subject: Status Report Thursday
Date: May 29, 2014 9:35:32 AM EDT
To: MD School

35-14\N 075-04W
COG 162

Winds 10-12 kts NE

Just entering the Gulf Stream now after a great night of training. Thunderstorms that were in the distance at 10PM were overhead by 11 PM and stayed with us off and on for the next 6 hours. Winds were out of the east at 18-25 kts for most of the night, 4-6 ft seas. Sailed under a reefed main and jib during the night. Morning brought fair skies and lighter NE winds at 10-12 kts.

Nancy J said...

Sounds like a soggy, albeit "character building" midnight to 0400 rotation for someone (I think I know)!! Anxious to hear all the details . . . wishing you favorable winds and calm seas.

Kelley E. said...

Love reading the updates! Can't wait to hear the stories, Dad!

Rita Hanson said...

From: Captain Tursi, S/V CELESTIAL
Subject: Position 5-30
Date: May 30, 2014 6:47:16 AM EDT
To: MD School

3418N, 7305W
COG 115M
SOG 5.9 kt
Wind 155T at 3 kt
Motored overnight also now
100% overcast
Local squalls & lightening
All well onboard but soggy


Nancy J said...

Sorry to hear you motored all night. Hopefully, conditions will improve and winds will pick up today. Thinking happy thoughts for all of you!!

Rita Hanson said...

SPOT message received at 0809 Saturday:

"All is well. Crew happy."

Rita Hanson said...

From: Rita at MD School
Subject: BDA Dockage
Date: May 31, 2014 12:10:52 PM EDT

BDA Yacht Svcs expecting you ~ 6/2. Usual berth on corner bulkhead. Will update ETA if needed. Comm check: TT SPOT transmitting daily. Nordie's 1-2Xs/day. Last e-mail frm you 0647 on 5/30.


Rita Hanson said...

Subject: s/v Celestial - 31 May 2014 at sea
Date: May 31, 2014 1:34:08 PM EDT
To: office@mdschool.com

s/v Celestial update. 31 May 2014 1652 GMT.

Position: L 33 degrees 29.9' N, Lo 069 degrees 50.4 W
Course steered 135 M
COG 139 M
SOG 6.2 kn
Seastate: swells with whitecaps
Wind: N 15 kn
Sun with 20% cirrus/cumulus
Good sailing last evening on broad reach/beam reach. Tried several sail combinations early this morning to sail downwind. Now sailing wing/wing with whisker pole. Captain and crew set whisker pole late morning in a safe, competent manner, despite swells.
All persons on board well and happy...and well fed.
Les and Larry took sun sights, reduced sights, and plotted LOPs. Expect to take another sun sight this afternoon for a running fix.
Sighted freighter at 1600 GMT, the first vessel seen for 36 hours.
Shared the ocean with a very large pod of porpoises yesterday morning.

Nancy said...

Heading for Bermuda in am...wishing you boys favorable winds and a speedy arrival. Jake...look for me at poolside bar!! Happy birthday to me!! ;-)

Rita Hanson said...

Subject: Status 6-1
Date: June 1, 2014 9:43:30 AM EDT
To: MD School

0900 pos 3243N, 6737W
COG 117M
SOG 6 to 7 kt
Winds currently 335T at 22. Overnight 340T at 15 to 20. Past two hours, winds rose to steady 25 to 30 and large swells 12 to 15 feet non breaking developed providing smooth roller coaster ride. Squall line developed to our north after 0700 and first squall hit around 0800 with intense rain and winds to 35 kt

We passed 4 NM north of your eddy waypoint about 0400 this AM on COG 117M. At that time current was from north. It has since gradually backed to W giving us a speed lift.

Distance 130 NM to BDA west end. ETA St Georges late tomorrow Monday

All is well onboard with happy crew.


nancy j said...

Beautiful sunny day in Bermuda...lots of wind...even the Brits are wearing jackets!! Keep calm and sail fast ;-)

Rita Hanson said...

I just got off the phone with Captain Tursi in Bermuda. They docked at approximately 2:00 PM Eastern time. They are at Hunter's wharf near the fuel dock. They apparently had to shoe-horn their way into the spot as the berth is only about two feet longer than the boat. Captain Tom said they had a great trip with lots of terrific sailing.

Jake said...

To Captain Tom, Nordie and shipmates: thank you for the best sail of my life...by far!! From beginning to end...Exceeded all of my expectations...have a safe trip back. Jake