Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bermuda 2009; Cruise #3 Departs

Captain David Appleton call this afternoon to report that Bermuda 2009 Cruise #3 has departed. His message is as follow:

"Hello, David Appleton here. It's about 4:00 PM... we're approaching Thimble Shoal Tunnel. We got underway at 3:15. We only motored far enough to get the sails up. We sailed out of Little Creek and we're sailing in southerly winds 12-15 knots or so, and moving along swimmingly. Nobody's seasick yet... everybody's got their patches on and they're raring to go. They're excited!

We had a good briefing from our safety coordinator, who is Sabrina, and she got us all straightened out on our safety gear and our safety assignments. Our engineer Paul Cargill did a great job of telling us where everything is. Everybody did a great job on preparations... a good time was had by all. Talk to you later!"

Aboard CELESTIAL are: Captain David Appleton (PA), First Mate David Gifford (PA), and crew members Sabrina Nichols (KS), Tom Nichols (KS), Paul Cargill (TX), and Paul Hurley (VA). CELESTIAL will make the passage to Bermuda via a planned non-stop ocean route. The cruise has an estimated distance of 670 miles, and will take approximately 6 days, sailing both day and night. Please read the COMMENTS to this post where we will follow their ocean cruise with reports from the crew, discussions on weather and reports on actual progress. You can follow CELESTIALS progress on our google map by clicking here.


Rita Hanson said...

I apologize for the delay in posting updates to the progress of CELESTIAL on our Google Map. The satellites were a bit confused for the first few position reports, and Skymate was telling us that the crew of CELESTIAL had performed an amazing feat, and was positioned in the Gulf of Mexico just hours after departure from Norfolk! All is well, and the accurate position is now being reported. Click here to see the latest.

Paul A Jones, DDS said...

We're glad Sabrina got everyone straightened out; if anyone can do it, she can:) Apologize to Capt. David for trading Halimeda. Give our best to all. We are watching your progress and can't wait to hear all about the trip.
Paul & Judy

Rita Hanson said...

This weather communication was sent by Captain Tom Tursi here at the school via Skymate to CELESTIAL at 7:21 EDT on Sunday June 21st:

"A low pressure storm system off the coast of New Jersey will pull a cold front that may reach you today. Expect winds SW 20 knots or less. A new low off Virginia Monday will move SE. Expect winds from SW 30 knots Wed-Thurs near Bermuda."

Click here for latest position.

Rita Hanson said...

We received this communication via Skymate from Captain David Appleton Sunday at 1:36 PM:

All is well. Crew good. Two minor Mal de Mer but recovered. This morning we had a severe squall, 30 to 40+ knots. ETA is Monday night or Tuesday morning. Moving fast 7+ speed over ground with winds WSW 15-18 knots & current with us. D

Anonymous said...

Wow---amazed at how quickly the Celestial is making its way to Bermuda! We know all are in good hands with Sabrina as the safety coordinator. Wishing everyeone smooth sailing.
Nathan & Trina West

Emily said...

Enjoying reading of your progress. Sabrina, I hope you are having fun and can't wait to hear more when you return! - Emily

Rita Hanson said...

CELESTIAL is making great progress! Should be reaching Bermuda very soon. Click here for latest.

Rita Hanson said...

CELESTIAL arrived in St Georges Harbor early this morning. All is well with boat and crew. They did encounter rough weather, but Captain Appleton reports that all students did fine. They are currently still at anchor in the harbor and have not yet cleared customs. Gale conditions are expected in Bermuda today and tomorrow.

Once they have cleared customs they will be at dock at Hunter's Wharf marina. Student crew arriving for the return trip to Mystic will find CELESTIAL at the Hunter's Wharf dock.

Anonymous said...

Sailor J & Sabrina - Congratulations on a successful trip - can't wait to hear more!

Margie & Sea Salt

Rita Hanson said...

Received this message from Captain Appleton on Friday June 26th:

Sun is out for the first time! And we are drying out and cleaning up.

The Bermuda 3 crew were great, all had a wonderful time and were especially pleased by the moderately severe weather which made for a spirited sail and a truly fine ocean experience. One student had persistent mal de mere, but was a good sport about it and did not miss any of his duties.

Having a wonderful time! Wish you were here!


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