Thursday, November 15, 2007

Captain Credentials

"The Maryland School of Sailing & Seamanship boasts an impressive staff of offshore-savvy instructors and is notable for its high level of organization and dedication to real ocean sailing." Quote from Blue Water Sailing magazine, July 2002 issue, page S-10

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RWK said...

What a pleasure it is to work with the entire group at Maryland School of Sailing and Seamanship. When you have such a great group of people who are so dedicated and love what they do and the Island Packets they do it on, it brings excitement and satisfaction to me and in my job everyday. To think that I started out small boat sailing at Rock Hall Yacht Club when I was young and now have the honor or working with Maryland School, with the staff at Gratitude Yachting Center and Island Packet, I have to pinch myself.
Robin Wood Kurowski
Rock Hall, MD and Gratitude Yachting Center